Opening a Lee sizer

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Re: Opening a Lee sizer

Postby Ohio3Wheels » 29 Sep 2015 16

Just a quick update. The other day I was working up and order for Track of the Wolf and decided to see if they had a sizer I could use. They stock Lee sizers larger than 457. I was able to get a 459 from them at the regular price. Going to see if a silly .001 makes a difference. I can always shoot them as cast at 460.

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Re: Opening a Lee sizer

Postby kungfustyle » 16 Feb 2016 15

Just take a wooden dowel and some 500grit sandpaper. Chuck it up and go to town. I've had to open three all were undersized for intended calibers. .4515 for 452, 4295 for .430 and .3575 for .358 all were measured with a micrometer. work a little and run a lead through to check, repeat till they come out your size. I would not take more than .002 off. If you need more than that contact Buckshot over at cast bullets.
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