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Note from Xtreme

12 Jun 2018 23

Got the following today in my e-mail.
I've bought a lot of bullets from them over the years and have a narrow knee high stack sitting in my guest room right now.
Hopefully they can pull it out and continue to provide a great product that's affordable.

X-Treme Bullets
To all of our valued X-Treme Bullets customers:
You may have already heard or read about the recent decision to re-organize X-Treme Bullets in chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

We would like to take this time to assure our valuable customers of the ongoing commitment to provide affordable shooting components to enthusiasts around the country.

X-Treme Bullets will continue to manufacture components, ship orders and provide the best service we possibly can.

We are still here and plan on maintaining a steady path of manufacturing cost effective copper & brass components and moving towards a positive future.

Thank you for your patience and continued patronage,
X-Treme Bullets Team

Re: Note from Xtreme

14 Jun 2018 00

Remington pulled it off no problem.

Re: Note from Xtreme

14 Jun 2018 17

Got a similarly worded message from Freedom Munitions are they maybe associated?

Make smoke,

Re: Note from Xtreme

15 Jun 2018 01

Ohio3Wheels wrote:Got a similarly worded message from Freedom Munitions are they maybe associated?

Make smoke,

I assume they both have the same parent company.
I think they might have once been the same company but Freedom might have been 'spun off' to separate it from Xtreme but been retained under the same parent or holding company.
One of my buds told me that parent went under so it would make sense that the component companies would be restructuring.

As for Remington I was in one of the big chain stores today and their buyer mentioned Remington had been hit or miss on anything that was the least bit 'special order' anything laminated gray and 'just because it was listed in their catalog didn't mean it could be found' to another customer who was looking for a Marlin 'package' deal with included scope for the same price the store was selling the base model for. The store buyer said she'd try to get the weapon for him but she didn't want to take his money when she couldn't be sure to get what he wanted. Interestingly enough they are one of the places with rather ridiculous restocking fees (20% of the purchase price without limitation for an item that never leaves their possession) and warnings that all sells are final and that any issues after purchase are solely the responsibility of the buyer to resolve without any aid of the seller. So the buyer was doing the guy a favor in that if she'd started a layaway paperwork trail it would have locked him into at best a store credit situation and at worse something like a $150 restocking fee.
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