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Heavy subsonic lobbers.

04 May 2018 02

Anybody loaded up heavy " 500gr " stream lined bullets is a casull @ under speed of sound?
My goal is to load the heaviest bullet @ around 1070 -1100 fps & lobb it as far as I can with a can on the front of a m92 454 casull. I don't think trailboss will have the energy to do what I want to achieve. Thinking I might try Lee 500gr r3 mould 1st . It's all about lobbing big boolits that will kick up dust & debris so we might see where it's landing . I have a very long but narrow property to play on , it's basically a mountain ridge about a mile long . We'd be shooting from about 400 meters above sea level down to about 150ish meters above sea level. There's tree huggers near by & don't want any unwanted attention. Rimfires are getting a bit boring.

Re: Heavy subsonic lobbers.

04 May 2018 06

I haven't done it, but you are going to need to trim the brass way back to accommodate the longer bullet. Even if you use 45 Colt brass and with the R92 as a single shot, the chamber might not take the bulk of the case at mid-length. The case wall thickness times two plus bullet diameter is going to be noticeable. I hope it works out; it would be worth seeing.

Re: Heavy subsonic lobbers.

04 May 2018 11

You building "mortar rounds"?

Re: Heavy subsonic lobbers.

04 May 2018 16

mikld wrote:You building "mortar rounds"?

In a sense yes . But honestly black powder guys have been shooting 1000 yards with 45/70 lobbing 500gr & bigger at 1200 fps or there abouts. Really all i'm doing is starting 100ish fps slower. With a bigger case " just filler up with trailboss " & tune it ufrom there . But i have my 454 m92 & thats what i wanta use. Bullets from 400-550gr. I believe the rossi a 1:16 twist & 20" of barrel should get me there. I have seated 250gr ftx bullets all the way out & still haven't touched the lands yet. So hopefully using swaged down 458's i can pull this off.

Re: Heavy subsonic lobbers.

05 May 2018 05

Does .45C brass get progressively thicker like .357? If so, chambering will be an issue as mentioned.
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