Locking expanding die's position

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Re: Locking expanding die's position

Postby Ranch Dog » 07 Feb 2018 07

Thank you, for providing the picture O3W! I downloaded and cropped to picture so it could be posted.

Concerning the Expansion Die question the OP asked. With the information that the expander plug is fixed, not the current Powder Through Expander Die, the die body is going to need to be lowered to down on to the case. The only thing I can offer is that it will take a bit to setup correctly, but here is the math on how much distance a die body moves with single rotation or segments of a rotation.


I put together a spreadsheet to help me calculate an adjustment when I was working with the NOE Expander Plugs, and they are just as hard to adjust as this older, fixed plug. Concern yourself with the "Die Body" movement. You only want enough flare so that the bullet can comfortably rest in alignment on and with the case. As you adjust the die, use a freshly sized case between each adjustment. For a starting point, I would make the plug to case contact and then turn the die in one full rotation. I would repeat this until I overdid the adjustment. I would then take that last rotation out and start moving the die in 1/5 of rotation until I found where the fit was ideal.

Now for what I would really suggest. Save this expander die for what it is, memorabilia. Call Lee, tell them what you have and see if you could purchase a Powder Through Expander Die. They might send you one, or you might need to buy it, but you will never be able to mount a powder delivery system on this old die.
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Re: Locking expanding die's position

Postby Ohio3Wheels » 07 Feb 2018 11

Thanks, RD, that whole set is in the memorabilia box. Never had much problem with the expander, the seat/crimp was a pita and I have a new set that answered all the problems.

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