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Re: More equipment for more calibers

25 Jan 2018 01

As donhuff mentions and as I'm sure you can find from the data 150 grains in a .30 Carbine is heavy for caliber. With this round I tend to stick to 110-115 grains.

As for dies, IF you get the carbide ones you will still need to lube the cases as they are tapered such that the carbide ring does not do all of the sizing. One of my reloading buds missed that fact and thought his dies were crap as he'd gotten them used. Once he started lubricating the brass all was well.

Re: More equipment for more calibers

25 Jan 2018 10

im still using the lyman 310 and the lee breech lock hand press,( not much space in my small cabin ).
Sooo, I got out the lee hand press, some new starline 30 carbine brass, and full length resized one of them.
Never had so much trouble resizing a piece of brass,and it was new brass, so i didnt bother with lubing.
It took some work to open the hand press.
Wont make that mistake again.
150 is the max for 30 carbine.
I am always looking for the most versatility I can get out of a cartridge.
Im looking for a companion sidearm to go with my 94 in 30-30.
I can carry a 30-30 for large game and load the 30 carbine with 45 gr rd ball with a couple gr of bullseye for squirrel,rabbit,etc.
Or load a 150 gr 30 carbine cartridge and take deer up close.
I use to carry a 22 single six, but I want to be able to load my own small game loads.
I was in cabelas a couple weeks back, they had some PPU 30 carbine 110 gr FMJ, no price tag, so I took them to the counter and had them price check them, $20.88.
Counter guy said when something ends in .88 cents it is discontinued.
So I bought all they had.

Re: More equipment for more calibers

24 Mar 2018 12

Have some hand tools for brass prep coming in. Basic Lyman stuff. Some of mine is on loan to a buddy and this duplicates and expands a bit on that.

Picked up the Frankford Arsenal hand primer. It uses Lee primer shell holders and comes with it's own set of 12 that are basically the same as the set Lee sells plus the one for 7.62x39. They do have the cut in the primer zone so that if you have a high primer the shell will come out of the case. Lee has been refusing to put that cut in for half a century. I understand Lee's argument but on the occasion where a primer somehow got flipped sideways it is a bit of a pain to disassemble the primer tool to pry it out the way it went in. Of course a couple times when that happens and you start looking each cartridge to make certain the primer is flat and anvil up before slotting the brass into place.

Re: More equipment for more calibers

20 Apr 2018 15

Picked up a new plate from Inline Fabrications for the Dillon 600 swager.
The new style plates put the front of the swager out at the edge as opposed to the previous plate from several years ago which the handle didn't have full travel. I got the front to back version and it's piloted for side to side but not drilled full size and tapped.

I'll probably redrill the old plate for something else.
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