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Any experience with 300gr Hammer coated 44 and h110

03 Aug 2017 19

I tested a few MBC 300 gr .430 Hammer loads today, mostly for pressure signs. From what I gather ( didn't find any loads in my hornady dealing with cast but have loaded 300gr xtp up to 20gr) folks are running anywhere from 17-22gr of h110. Once again conflicting with the "never load less than 3%" rule. So I went ahead and ran from 19-20.5gr in .5gr increments and saw no signs in the primers or sticky cases. I wasn't really testing for accuracy, just pressure signs although I had a couple touching at 25y, I wanted to make sure they weren't tumbling at 100. They were not. I'm going load a set of ten at 21gr and adjust my scope to the load and see how they group next. Any one shoot this bullet/powder combo? Elmer said to down load for cast out of pistol but I've heard opposing views due to less friction Vs jacketed. I'm hoping 21gr is my sweet spot and I can get a nice hunting load for my 16" 92 and a bruin buster out of my ruger SBH.

Didn't measure col but they feed if you rack em like you mean it. I did check one dummy round before I loaded them. My 92 seems to eat anything from short to long, spc to magnum. Except buffalo bore 320gr.

Re: Any experience with 300gr Hammer coated 44 and h110

03 Aug 2017 21

Spider, I got the same exact bullet on order to try out in both my 44 magnum 16 inch barrel carbine and plan on testing them in sabots in the muzzleloader (with a magnum charge Black Powder they will be moving over 2000 fps!). They appear to be VERY devastatingly nasty bullets. Anyways, I plan on starting out wtih 18 grains H110 with magnum primer in 44 magnum and working up to about 20 grains max. I'll sling them over the chronograph and let you know the results

Re: Any experience with 300gr Hammer coated 44 and h110

03 Aug 2017 22

I just bought a Lyman 50th addition a week ago. Should have bought the "cast" version. I'm definitely tuned in for your range report over the chrono. I use magnum cci 350 primers as well with H110. I also picked up some lil'gun but I've had a hard enough time finding beta on h110. Lots of guys using 2400 but I can't find any, not that I need another powder. I'm looking to consolidate down to h110, HS-6 (I like it a lot 13.3 gr under a 240 xtp is accurate and nice in my 629-1 s&w as well as the Rossi and makes a good substitute for unique) and a few rifle powders rl-17 being a favorite now with the 6.5 creedmoor.

I hope ranch dog chimes in with some of his knowledge. His name popped up several times in my search of this topic.

I'm also wondering if I made the correct diameter choice at .430. I guess I'll find out if it shoots true. I need to slug my bore.

Re: Any experience with 300gr Hammer coated 44 and h110

04 Aug 2017 14

Well I loaded some at 20.5gr h110 and didn't like the results in the 92 but was very pleased with them in the ruger so that's a plus.

When I loaded a dummy round it fed fine, but with other rnds in the mag tube it FTFeed at 1.705 col. I'll be going to a 255gr Kieth next. I did check the col as I fired rounds through the ruger and there was approximately .005 of growth in the rounds. I may try backing the charge to 19gr and seating the bullet further to around 1.685 for a couple rounds and see if I can get them to feed. I bought 500 of the hammers. That's a lifetime supply in my ruger, lol. They definitely let you know they are there. It is my grizzly county sidearm for archery and also nice piece of mind for our cabin near Yellowstone NP.

I'm going to add a butt pad on the Rossi, off a bench it %@*&$ hurts.

Re: Any experience with 300gr Hammer coated 44 and h110

07 Aug 2017 22

FYI my posted load is hotter than what Lyman's recommends. I'll be backing that load down to the recommended max of 18.8 or so with the 300gr hammer. I still haven't gotten around to seating the bullet deeper to try and get it to feed reliably.

Re: Any experience with 300gr Hammer coated 44 and h110

16 Aug 2017 21

Loaded up some 255gr .431 Montana bullet co Kieth gas check rounds over 23gr h110. I'm sticking with it for hunting season. It's shooting minute of deer. My best group was around 3" at 100. My shoulder hurts, I'll be going back to my plinkers after hunting season. The Montana bullets are top notch and stacked not just tossed in a box. Not cheap but high quality for sure.

Re: Any experience with 300gr Hammer coated 44 and h110

17 Sep 2017 01

I used a buddy's load in the Winchester 94 with 240 grain JHPs until I finally got the revolvers.
That load was a bit energetic in the handguns and would drive anyone else out of the pistol shed if fired from the ported handguns. I did some additional research after the fact and decided to bring it down a mite.
I did find one or two references published at that level but most stopped short of what he was using.

Spider I didn't see you mention the barrel length of the gun(s) you were using?
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