Getting There with R92 357 Mag and Lead Bullet

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Re: Getting There with R92 357 Mag and Lead Bullet

Postby Ranch Dog » 24 Feb 2018 21

GasGuzzler wrote:I kinda wanna let one go just to see but then if I say that all the reloading mafia will come after me.

Who cares, it's your rifle. If you have a solid rest that you can strap your rifle down, loop a string around the trigger, stand back, and fire it like a cannon. It's just a $400 rifle :o

When I rented a chamber reamer and put it the barrel of a 44 Mag wizard that is what I did. I glued a strain gage to the barrel, locked the rifle down in a Lead Sled, loaded ten proof rounds to 44.7K PSI, attached a lanyard to the trigger, and pulled it. My parents even rode their golf cart up the range to watch it explode, but it didn't. They left disappointed.

GasGuzzler wrote:I got no pats on the back for my R92 being able to cycle 1.657" +corn

The Brazilians made that happen not me. +guns

I figured they goofed something up!

P.O. Ackley locked up a bunch of rifles and blew up a few working with his improved cartridges. He used an old tire for a rest. Stick the buttstock inside the tire on one end and the forearm across the outside of the other end.
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Re: Getting There with R92 357 Mag and Lead Bullet

Postby mr surveyor » 24 Feb 2018 21

my .357 R92 seems to have no problem with the somewhat longer length when it comes to cycling and getting the nose of the bullet up to the chamber .... that's when all bets are off with the wide meplat. Mine just ain't gonna go in the chamber at any extended length. And loaded out to 1.65 or so, I can't push that wide meplat (safely) all the way into the throat.

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