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Off the shelf ammo for all Rossi firearms.
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Blazer 22 Ammo

15 May 2018 11

4 cents a round for Blazer 22 ammo.

That's about the lowest I've seen in a while, but I haven't really been looking.


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Re: Blazer 22 Ammo

16 May 2018 04

$0.04 is about the bottom and it's been there for a few months. The CCI Blazer you show and the generic Federal 40gr LRN are generally the only ones below $0.05 regularly.

Re: Blazer 22 Ammo

17 May 2018 10

All the local gun stores around here have the CCI Blazers at $20.00 a brick.
They must have made tons of them.

Re: Blazer 22 Ammo

19 May 2018 12

The CCI Blazer 22 lead round nose ammo lists the same muzzle velocity as the CCI Mini-Mag 22 copper plated lead round nose ammo.

The Mini-Mag costs a couple cents more per round.

I'm thinking the Blazer might be a better value for those of us that like to keep track of our pennies.
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