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Re: Remington CF & RF Ammo - Report Your Experience

Postby Ohio3Wheels » 04 Aug 2016 17

GasGuzzler wrote:
Ohio3Wheels wrote: I've been able to get CCI or Winchester reliably so far here in Dayton,

You have good luck with Winchester? What kind? Used a red box of 100 a few years ago and never tried them again. They were awful.

Plain old 50 round card board. I'm out of them or I'd get the specifics.

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Re: Remington CF & RF Ammo - Report Your Experience

Postby GasGuzzler » 04 Aug 2016 17

Their small box .22WMR seems OK. The red 100 tray .22LR was not for me.
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Re: Remington CF & RF Ammo - Report Your Experience

Postby Archer » 29 Aug 2016 16

I used to prefer Winchester Super X 40 grain Solids for plinking when I started shooting my own .22LR.
Fed reliably and had good accuracy although I never really shot it for groups. I could typically hit a quarter at 50 yards with the carbine and used to use NECCO wafers for the MKII at 15 to 25 yards.

Right now I'm buying Federal Auto Match when I can get it. I have a certain sufficiency of CCI Standard V.
I'd probably pick up CCI minimags IF I could find them reasonable. Picked up a couple boxes of Winchester last time I saw them in the 100 pack. Might be your red box ammo I'm not certain. Both the HPs and the RN worked for me back in the day when the boxes were white paper by the brick AND/OR 100 packs of the translucent yellow plastic.
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