Doubletap 45 Colt +P 225gr. Barnes XPB

Off the shelf ammo for all Rossi firearms.

Doubletap 45 Colt +P 225gr. Barnes XPB

Postby John T » 16 Apr 2016 23

Has any one used Doubletap 45 Colt +P 225gr. Barnes XPB (solid copper hollow point). Whether target,hunting, or just in general. Any info on this cartage in a ROSSI 92 rifle (20",24") or carbine will be much appreciated.
And a quote from their web site: "These loads are safe in all modern Model 1892 leverguns as well as all Winchester & Marlin 1894's".

Caliber : .45 Colt +P
Bullet : 225gr. Barnes XPB Lead Free
Ballistics : 1495fps - 1117 ft./lbs. - 7.5" bbl
27,500 PSI
1255fps from a 2.5" Ruger Alaskan
1825fps from a 16.5" carbine
<];) JT +guns
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