underwood 45-70 xtreme hunter ammo

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underwood 45-70 xtreme hunter ammo

Postby scrapman » 27 Dec 2017 12

has anyone tried this ammo? looked on their website and the ballistics are incredible. i knew they had a solid brass penetrater load, but these new all copper ones are interesting.
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Re: underwood 45-70 xtreme hunter ammo

Postby Archer » 31 Dec 2017 15

Nope but I've got 50 of the Leihgh 50 caliber 325 grain Xtreme bullets to load in the Beowulf once I start emptying factory brass.
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Re: underwood 45-70 xtreme hunter ammo

Postby medezyner » 06 Feb 2018 22

I picked up 2 boxes of the .44 mag 220 gr xtreme when they had 10% off (it paid for the shipping). I was going to run it through my Ruger hunter, but decided to see how it feeds/shoots in the new carbine. I was shooting the buffalo bore 270 grain with good results. Neither one of those are cheap, so hopefully I didn't clean out my wallet for not. I'll post my results come early Spring; the back stop berms are frozen right now.
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