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Chiappa, Marlin, Mossberg and non-Rossi Manufactured Pumas plus anything else with a leveraction.
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Any Mossberg 464's out there?

11 Mar 2018 19

I'm generally not a Mossberg fan, but when they came out with the 464 a few years ago I couldn't resist getting one at the price they were offering. It's probably had 250 rds through it since then. I changed front sights on it, also found adapters to mount a scope on it just to try it; although, a lever gun doesn't look right to me with a scope. Only complaint I've ever had with it was early on the magazine would sometimes refuse to release the next shell onto the feed ramp. It would just hang there at the edge of the tube opening. Not every time, but maybe once every two loadings. This went on through the 1st 150 rds or so then cleared up. I just chaulked it up to a break-in issue. The 30-30 Mossberg is not nearly as much fun to shoot as my M92 Rossi/357, though.


I don't know if the 464 is truly comparable to an early Winchester(haven't owned one), but the fit & finish on mine did not disappoint me. Anyone else tried one?


Re: Any Mossberg 464's out there?

11 Mar 2018 21

I haven't seen one in person but almost bought one on GunBroker that had the XS Scout Scope Base and Ghost Ring.

Re: Any Mossberg 464's out there?

25 Mar 2018 01

The one in your picture looks awesome.
I've held about three or four of them but they were all plain Jane.
I've seen several youtube vids complaining of spotty functioning.
I might try one if I see one as nice looking as that pic but given that I've got 3 94s I have no real need to buy one just because. They are sort of a mash up between a 94 form factor with some Marlinish features.

Re: Any Mossberg 464's out there?

25 Mar 2018 05

Earlier this year, I really considered the Davidson's exclusive "Brush Gun", but I don't need another 30-30. Davidson's is out of them, there is one on Gunbroker.

Mossberg 41050.jpg
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Re: Any Mossberg 464's out there?

25 Mar 2018 16

Very sexy gun

Re: Any Mossberg 464's out there?

25 Mar 2018 19

I saw the tacticool version at my LGS last weekend. Nice rifle, but I strongly dislike their squeeze-the-lever safety. I very much avoid taking a death grip on the butt stock, and don't even wrap my thumb around.

Re: Any Mossberg 464's out there?

25 Mar 2018 20

Mossberg has their place. It's not levers in my opinion. I don't like the wood on either pictured (not a fan of the new style wood on Remilns or nearly any type of laminate outside of ComBloc) and I'm not a stainless guy so...

Re: Any Mossberg 464's out there?

29 Mar 2018 01

I LIKE U.S. laminated stocks.
I have a little experience with Combloc laminate and it can be ok or it can be rather inferior IMO. A buddy has a laminated Mosin Nagant that's not too bad. I've got laminate on my AK and its ok but not quite what I was hopeful to get.

I've got a laminated Marlin 1895
A laminated Faijen on one of my M1A.
A laminated Faijen stock set on my Garand that's been match modified.
A laminated CZ-550 varmint .308 (Might end up restocking that one with composite...)
A laminated Remington 700 .270 (nice hunting gun but a bit light for the bench.)
I'm running laminated custom grips on a couple revolvers and wish I could afford to do ALL of them with the possible exception of the .44 Mags.

The lever grip safety has been on most Winchester lever actions for half a century or more. I'm used to it and it doesn't bother me.

I do wonder about the drop in the comb on the guns in the pictures. Like RD I'm not really in need of another .30-30. Doesn't mean I won't pick another one up if it presents itself at the right price in the right condition.

Re: Any Mossberg 464's out there?

03 Apr 2018 23

Here is the 464 I've been pondering. It is listed at $500 but has the complete XS Ghost Ring and Base ($179) plus the Weaver K4 Scout ($200). That brings the rifle part of the purchase down to $121!


Probably will pass as I have enough.
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Re: Any Mossberg 464's out there?

04 Apr 2018 09

I like the looks of that one much better than the one with the iron on checkering. I looked at these when I was shopping for a project rifle. Found one at Gander. The fit was good but the finish on the stock with the "checkering" just felt cheap and as usual Gander wanted full MSR so it stayed in their rack.

Make smoke,
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