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Chiappa, Marlin, Mossberg and non-Rossi Manufactured Pumas plus anything else with a leveraction.
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Re: Savage 99 ~ 300 Savage

08 Jan 2018 23


Weaver Windage Adjustable Sure-Grip rings were finally delivered on Saturday. The D&T was way out of alignment, with one hole that was incompletely tapped. All better now, but I used every bit of the windage adjustment in the rings. This is a 1937 Model EG in .300 Savage. It came to me with the factory rear sight blanked, and a period Redfield tang mounted receiver sight. It was missing the aperture, so I gave it a Merit adjustable. With the scope mounted, I adjust the aperture to the bottom and left limits to clear the ocular.
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Re: Savage 99 ~ 300 Savage

09 Jan 2018 07

Oh my, very nice!

Re: Savage 99 ~ 300 Savage

09 Jan 2018 22

That is sexy +guns

Re: Savage 99 ~ 300 Savage

12 Jan 2018 12

Somebody has a 1936 Model 99 .300 Savage for sale about an hour and a half drive from me. They are asking $400. I may have to make a drive this weekend

http://alaskaslist.com/1/posts/9_Genera ... avage.html

Re: Savage 99 ~ 300 Savage

13 Jan 2018 01

Looks like a good deal! Take-downs can vary from too loose to too tight, so judge that carefully if you go.

Re: Savage 99 ~ 300 Savage

18 Jan 2018 16

Not much to getting this rifle up and running. I took some ammunition that had been loaded for my Rem 722 chambered in 300 Savage using the Speer #2017 Round Nose Hot Core, a bullet that was designed specifically for the 300 Savage and I had it sighted in at 100 and 200 yards in 10 shots. The same night at about 9:00, I killed a small porker at 70-yards.


The 99 has a 22" barrel and the velocity loss vs. the Rem 722's 24" was more than I expected. The 99's MOA is giving the 722 are run for the money though.

Sav 99
2514 FPS
1.750 MOA, 5 shots @ 100-yards

Rem 722
2634 FPS
1.706 MOA, 5 shots @ 100-yards

Oh, the dog is being fostered and will go to its new owner today.

Re: Savage 99 ~ 300 Savage

20 Jan 2018 18

Nice glad she's a shooter +guns
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