Henry .22

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Henry .22

Postby plaidad » 08 Oct 2017 17

I was at a local gunshow the other day, thinking about buying an SKS. I saw a couple of decent ones, and decided to walk around a little before going back to dicker on one. I came across a local dealer with one the Henry H001 steel receiver .22's. I picked it up and was hooked. The wood is beautiful, the fit and finish is great, and they have a reputation as good shooters. Needless to say, it followed me home. Their reputation is well deserved. The action is smooth, the trigger is great, and it shoots way better than I can.

Now I need to save up for the SKS.
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Re: Henry .22

Postby Moon Tree » 08 Oct 2017 17

I think you made a good purchase. I love my Henry .22.
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Re: Henry .22

Postby akuser47 » 08 Oct 2017 20

If 22 ammo is available to you then they are amazing guns. I have the henry mars leg in 22 fun gun.
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Re: Henry .22

Postby ksmoose » 09 Oct 2017 07

They are nice. I also have 1 in .22 mag, but the .22 lr is my wife's favorite.
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Re: Henry .22

Postby mr surveyor » 09 Oct 2017 18

I bought a Henry .22 lever from a friend 8-10 years ago and gave it to my son. The first range trip we found the extraction was in the range of zero to terrible. It was obvious that the previous owner, or his son, had dry fired the snot out of it and had severely dinged the edge of the chamber/throat with the firing pin. A quick trip to my then favorite gun shop and using the proper tool to smooth out the ding, we were back on the range within an hour or so. Great shooter and very smooth action. I guess I can now see why I got such an unbelievable deal at a whopping $150 for the rifle ... it had been (ignorantly) abused, and may have been stored under the front porch ;)

Henry makes some quality lever guns if that's your style, but I can no longer afford to consider the NIB offerings. I don't have a problem with the tube feed on the .22 cal's, but I do like the new fangled King's Patent style of the receiver side loading gate. But, Henry stays as true to the original form on their larger bore long guns as possible. Can't fault them for trying to stay historically correct on their offerings.

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Re: Henry .22

Postby Archer » 12 Nov 2017 02

I like the Henry rimfires a lot.
I've had a octagonal .22 S/L/LR for years and it's awesome.

I need to get a WMR still.
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