.44/720 handloads

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.44/720 handloads

Postby skipnsb » 20 Nov 2017 17


I just acquired my first Rossi, an Interams 720 .44 special, fixed sights, fluted cylinder, bobbed hammer.

I have not shot it yet but I am impressed with the dao trigger and general fit and finish. However, I am not an expert.

I would appreciate some input:

1. the internet says the firing pin malfunctions, is that a generally known problem or urban legend?

2. I would be interested in what, if any, involvement Smith and Wesson had in the design/manufacture, and what parts will interchange, if any?

3. other than rossiusa, is there a place I can look up when my serial number was made?

4. strength of the gun?

Brian Pearce's article in the 2005 handloadermagazine.com article discussed the .44 special handloads and which guns were up to heavier handloading than SAAMI specs. He sets out 4 tiers of handloading-SAAMI 15,500 psi, 22,000 psi, 25,000 psi, and "over 25,000" psi.

He stated that the Charter Arms Bulldog was in his opinion strong enough for occasional loads up to 22,000 , and the Smith 396 (titanium) and steel 696 L frame 5 shot both suitable for 25,000 psi.

Curiously, the 2005 article does not mention the Rossi 720. The Rossi website says that Braztech took over Rossi in 1997, so my Interarms 720 would have been made well before the article was written.

My Rossi is a little heavier than my Bulldog, and feels at least as well made. Any ideas on why Mr. Pearce did not comment on the Rossi? Perhaps it was rare enough not to be considered mainstream? Or maybe he considered it unworthy, as I have seen quite a criticism of the Braztech Rossis?

I know this is not a heavy duty range weapon, and that hot loads won't be any fun, like my Bulldog, and that a steady diet of heavy loads will beat anything to death in some time.

But it would make a sweet relatively light weight trail gun for big critters, 307 grains at 1057 fps at 25,000 psi, or even 250 grains at 1181 fps at 22,000 psi, although the article used 4 to 7 inch barrels, and my 3 inch barrel will be less. I hope to gear up to serious handloading soon.

Anyway, I would appreciate any info, particularly regarding using heavy bullets. Thanks in Advance.
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Re: .44/720 handloads

Postby GasGuzzler » 20 Nov 2017 18

I don't have a 720 but I have its little brother M88. I doubt all of the internal parts are a direct match but might be made to work. The same mods on the action work the same in the Smith and the 720. I'd guess the screws are metric too. I have owned four Rossi revolvers and one SRC92 and must say with Rossi, the older the better. The problem with Interarms versions is zero support from the current poorly run company. They'll hang up on you if you ask for a production date or for parts. But ROSSIUSA sucks for support on current models anyway so I lean towards the old ones. My M88 has the firing pin on the hammer (no transfer bar like newer ones) and has no failures yet.

Sorry for rambling, trying to answer your questions.
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Re: .44/720 handloads

Postby HarryAlonzo » 21 Nov 2017 11

I know the article you speak of, and it is curious that he ignores Rossi and Taurus revolvers in his listing. I've handled Rossi 720s, and I would say they're more solid than the Charter Arms. They are certainly beefier, being a K frame, compared to the Charter Arms J frame. I run 240 grain bullets at 950 fps through my Taurus 441 (K frame) all day long. I do a thorough inspection after every session/cleaning, and have yet to note any looseness that would indicate overstress. I like to stay under 1000 fps from a 4 inch barrel so that I stay subsonic from my 16 inch barrel R92. That means I don't have personal experience with the bullet weights and velocities that are your goal, but I'm not too far below. Keep us informed on your findings!
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Re: .44/720 handloads

Postby Ranch Dog » 22 Nov 2017 06

Unfortunately, I doubt you find any parts for your Interarms imported Rossi other than through eBay (parted out revolvers). Once Rossi discontinues a product, there is no part support what so ever.
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