Rossi Plinker R98106 Revolver

Rossi's classic designs for home and self defense, hunting, or range work.

Rossi Plinker R98106 Revolver

Postby Conman » 12 Apr 2016 08

Looking to maybe pick up one of these as a knock-about gun to carry on the tractor when I'm out and about.

Anyone have inputs PRO or CON about this model of Rossi by Taurus???

Appreciate any responses......
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Re: Rossi Plinker R98106 Revolver

Postby GasGuzzler » 12 Apr 2016 16

My Rossi arms are before Taurus and Braztech so I can't say. I do know you'd better be ready to keep it as the resale value is nil if that matters.
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Re: Rossi Plinker R98106 Revolver

Postby Warhawk » 23 Nov 2016 19

Not sure about that particular stock number. My Plinker is a 4 inch blue, bought it used for $250. It's been worth every penny. I also have a70's vintage S&W MODEL 63, the Plinker has a much smoother action and I'm more accurate with the Plinker.
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