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Rossi 971

Postby OldCrow » 19 May 2014 18

My only "modern" revolver is a 971 4" SS..I was wondering IF it was possible to chane out the front sight as I don't really care for the solid black thing on the front..I did apply a touch of white paint to it and that helped but would like to upgrade it to a true glow type sight..This one was made before Taurus (sp) took over as the giring pin is attached to the hammer.. Looks like the front is pinned in..Are there any after markets I can swap with it?..
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Re: Rossi 971

Postby akuser47 » 19 May 2014 18

Do you or can you post a pic of tge side of the front sight and the top of it focused and clear two reasons some are dovetailed some are simply pinned into place also if you have a dremel and are confident you can channel the top to put a strand of fiber optic glued into place on top of the site. It take time bit well worth it. Keep us posted i cannot tell you a brand or size that works I hope someone else can.
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Re: Rossi 971

Postby jdb » 12 Nov 2014 12

AK is right, Crow. Thing is, you CAN buy after market sights for either dovetail or pin in. Different makers have been using both setups for years. Thing is, they may not fit exactly. SO, you may have to do a little modification to get them to fit. That would either come down to you doing it or having a smith do it.

But I'd guess, not knowing for sure since I don't own the gun, that is is possible to find something that would fit or be pretty dang close. Maybe someone who owns the gun will chime in with a direct or near direct fit from one of the big 3 makers for ya and you can start looking for what ya want.
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