Pigeon Pair 45.70 .410

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Pigeon Pair 45.70 .410

Postby Jacko » 27 Mar 2017 07

G/Day Folks, Recently I walked into my local Gunshop and saw a very nice .410 Rio Grande. This Gun was carried more than it was Shot as the Fore end is slightly dirty. Some Paste Wax will clean it. It has a feint ding in the Stock that will steam out and it's in excellent condition. This little Gun is heavier than my 45.70.

I bought my 45.70 when they first came on the Market and over the Years it has proven a reliable Rifle. By comparison the .410 is mild to shoot. It has hardly been shot and the Action is not as Silky as the 45.70. I did give it a good clean and lube with Lanotec Liquid Lanolin and it is vastly improved. It has cycled everything I have put through it to date flawlessly and the Trigger is as good as the 45.70.

I took the both too the Range the weekend before last and Patterned the Barrel at 25 Yards. It throws a very even Pattern with no Holes for small Game to escape through. 000 Buck patterns well enough for the 3 Pellet's to hit the Vitals of a Feral Goat or Pig and Winchester and Federal 1/5th Ounce Slugs shot a 3 inch group 2 inches under point of Aim at 25 Yard's. So a centre body mass hold will see heart lungs taken out. At 50 Yards the Slug's grouped about 10" low and into a 4.5" group.

The Shot and Slugs shoot to a slightly different point of Aim but I intend to Handload the majority of my Buckshot and hope to get them and the Slugs to shoot to almost the same point of Aim. First up I am going to develop a 2 Ball Load using .395 Roundball. I will be using Ballistic Product's Stump.410 Cupless Wads and LilGun Powder. The Barrel constriction measures .400 thou.

Next load will use Ballistic Product's Stretch.410 Full Length Wad's and Lee .360 Roundball's for the next round of Load Development. I would like to buy some Ballistic Product's Thug Slug's but there is Import issue's into Australia. I'm sure there is a way I just gotta do a little research on getting them into the Country without risk of confiscation. Bloody ridiculous but this is the rubbish we gotta cop without a Bill of Right's and a 2nd Amendment.

I bought some Winchester 000 Buck because it was cheap by .410 Standard's, H & N #6 Shot for close up small Game and Bird's and some Winchester Clay Target Loads for play. The 45.70 has never seen a Factory Load and Cast my own Projectiles. A 425 gr Cast Bullet at 1600 fps does the job on anything I'm likely to Hunt.

I have a Skinner Express Rear Peep and a Skinner Front Sight on the 45.70. I ordered a Skinner Express Peep for the .410. It looks like the existing front Sight will do as the Skinner Rear Peep is a little higher than the Factory Buckhorn, It should arrive later this week so I can Sight it in for an upcoming Hunt


regards Jacko
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Re: Pigeon Pair 45.70 .410

Postby ksmoose » 27 Mar 2017 08

Very nice pair.
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Re: Pigeon Pair 45.70 .410

Postby GRV01 » 27 Mar 2017 12

Agreed and lucky find, theryre nowhere to be seen here new or used
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Re: Pigeon Pair 45.70 .410

Postby Ranch Dog » 27 Mar 2017 16

Very nice!
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Re: Pigeon Pair 45.70 .410

Postby Mad Trapper » 27 Mar 2017 19

Excellent find Jacko.
Very nice.
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Re: Pigeon Pair 45.70 .410

Postby Archer » 27 Mar 2017 23

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Re: Pigeon Pair 45.70 .410

Postby akuser47 » 28 Mar 2017 22

Nice I always planned to get one but they got discontinued so I focused elswhere. Keep us posted on your load development on it and how it shoots them. +guns
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Re: Pigeon Pair 45.70 .410

Postby bigpete » 29 Apr 2017 19

Your a lucky bugger Perry
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